Currently, network development of the market to become a trend, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional economic growth model for sustaining high economic growth mode is an inevitable choice in this situation, China’s refractories industry urgent need to open up the market in Agreement new development model, to effectively meet the needs of the market.

China Refractory Network is a set of product purchase, product pricing, industry information, and recommend new refractory industry as a carrier of information professional portal, as a dedicated network platform for China’s refractory industry and services, China Refractory Network is currently intended establish a quick and convenient information channel between Chinese suppliers and buyers of products, to optimize the industrial structure, innovation and industrial development model provides a new opportunity

As China’s refractory industry pioneer in the emerging economies, China Refractory Network will assess the situation from the development needs and market demand of China’s economy starting to actively adjust the website’s service model, and strive to period features innovative module, efforts to develop China bright road of development refractory industry.

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