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Based diversified development, boost the construction of information

Number of visits: Date:2016-03-17

  Now during the domestic refractory industry is in an era of rapid development of the Internet. With the growing prosperity of network development, the development direction of the domestic economy and consumer demand refractories also undergone major changes in the market and the depth of integration of information technology has become an important transition period for this country impassable refractory industry.

  Overview of domestic refractories market in the information technology intensified, only a small portion of refractory companies to complete the economy and build a pluralistic model of networking innovation, most of the body is still in the traditional business model of continuing or emerging transition mode, innovation and business growth of the industry had a serious economic impact.

  To speed up our refractories industry information construction process, improve network development boost domestic body, Chinese refractories from the enterprise network needs of economic development and strategic development needs of the body, to business promotion, brand promotion and other professional advantages module for business services for the network development of domestic refractories companies to provide important support.

  Chinese refractories network as committed to the common development of domestic refractories companies large e-commerce platform, will continue to improve business services and expanding website module based libation, create more value for the domestic refractory enterprises.

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