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Chinese refractories market supply network fit, the main mode of innovation

Number of visits: Date:2016-03-17

  In recent years, the continuous drive to make our macroeconomic refractory industry to urgently fill the vacancies in market demand and achieve sustained growth in output and yield. Active refractories market, compared to technological innovation will undoubtedly become weak period now need to overcome domestic refractory industry and perfect.

  Longitudinal Analysis of the refractories industry, most companies have some degree of marginalization, the so-called single-support system. At this stage, the market in the country, although the emergence of a group of more advantage of the body, with its strong R & D capabilities, high-quality refractory products and advanced management mode at the forefront of development of the industry, and become the international market development a pioneer in the body; but can not be avoided is that most companies do not have refractory therewith comparable R & D capabilities or product development capability.

  Under the premise does not have the competitive advantage of small and medium enterprises occupy a large proportion of the share of the refractory body, China's refractory industry will be how to deal with the increasingly intensive foreign advanced enterprise? Domestic refractory industry a competitive advantage in what should the casting of it? in the main cooperation group lay clustered development of a domestic refractory industry urgently needs.

  Chinese refractories network as committed to large e-commerce platform of refractory industry, the development of enterprises, in order to supply the information collection, purchase information, Enterprise Library, industry information, trade shows and other professional business services module, effectively stimulate domestic refractories communication and cooperation between enterprises, in order to strengthen our casting and refractory cluster advantages provides an important platform.

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