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China Refractory Industry Association held an enlarged meeting of the Secretariat in 2016

Number of visits: Date:2016-03-17

  January 15, 2016, the Secretariat to expand China Refractory Industry Association conference held in Shanxi Xiaoyi. Secretary-General of the Association Xudian Li, vice president Chen Jianxiong, deputy secretary general of the Association and hoppin, heads of departments, provinces (municipalities) in charge of the Association attended the meeting. The meeting summed up the industry in 2015 production and business operation, a careful analysis of the domestic and international economic situation faced by the review of the main work of the Association in 2015 to draw up the 2016 work plan. Participants exchanged Refractories production operations and the work of the regional association, the association put forward many constructive comments and suggestions.

  Xudian Li Secretary-General of the 2015 third quarter, the refractory industry and downstream industries production operation. The first three quarters of 2015, compared with a national caliber with refractory production of 18,082,500 tons, representing a decrease of 7.63%. Of the total national export refractory materials 3.8414 million tons, down 10.32 percent. Wherein the refractory raw materials exports 2.5417 million tons, down 11.65 percent; refractory products exports 1.2997 million tons, down 7.61 percent. In the main varieties of refractory raw materials exports customs inquiries, in addition to corundum and corundum average export price rose, the other major varieties have different degrees of decline. Commenting on the main downstream industry production operation, Xudian Li pointed out that three quarters of 2015, China's steel, cement, glass, refractory major downstream industries have different output amplitude is reduced. 2015 January to November, China Steel Industry Association member companies sales revenue fell 19.32%, total profit loss of 53.1 billion yuan, a loss of 50.5%, showed a profit decline in the profitability of the enterprise, the degree of loss-making enterprises furniture, the whole situation deteriorate further . Refractories market by downstream demand, overcapacity serious, affecting loan recovery difficulties and other factors, the refractory industry production operation in 2015 is not optimistic, the national key production area Refractories Refractories production enterprises in production, semi-shutdown state enterprises increased in proportion Big. First half of the 61 key enterprises Refractories production, sales revenue, profit and margins have decreased, but trade receivables grew 6.04 percent over the end of 2014. Xudian Li Secretary-General reminded the whole refractory industry should pay close attention to the operation of the production of iron and steel enterprises, increase the intensity of the back section, strictly guard against the risk of funding strand breaks.

  Long Magnum Representatives of the Secretariat reported on the association in 2015 to 2016, the main work and implementation plan to the Conference of the Association. Association work in accordance with the annual work plan in an orderly manner, the governing conference, statistics and the president are working meeting be held as scheduled. On the basis of timely, complete and accurate information collection industry and downstream industries and statistics, the first time in the "briefing", Chinese refractories Refractories window nets and website run conditions and trends analysis. By 2015, the Association focused on the production of refractories in Liaoning, Jiangsu, Henan, Zhejiang and other visits to research and discussion with local key enterprises, continued focus on new industry under normal operating conditions and business situations. In August, editing and publishing associations "Refractory Industry Yearbook (2010-2014)," the official release. The Committee of Experts according to needs of the industry association organized production and business operation management and production technology backbone of the training, warranty issues refractory products inventory storage and transportation of organized special investigations, and four drafts to complete the "China refractories industry," Thirteen Five "development planning recommendations" in preparation. "Refractories industry standard conditions (2014 version)" and "refractory industry specification bulletin management approach" after the introduction of the Association shall be forwarded at the site, newspapers, and other micro-channel platform media channels, widely advertised in the industry, and called on qualified enterprises to actively apply announcement. China Refractories Association continue to maintain close liaison with the World Association of Refractories, appoint representatives to participate in the Conference of the World Association of Refractories, and successfully held the first China International Refractories and Industrial Ceramics Exhibition and the Third China refractories production and application of the international Conference. September 2015 the Association organized the seventh member of Congress, the Council conducted a general election, once the Seventh Council Meeting elected the association official, filing has been all over.

  Secretariat of the Association also submitted to the meeting of the association in 2016 working assumption. 2016 is the "Thirteen Five" the first year, the Association for a comprehensive summary of the basis for the development of refractories industry, "second five" experiences and lessons, guide the industry during the "Thirteen Five" to low-carbon, green, innovative direction. We insist on timely publishing industry operation analysis, continue to strengthen self-construction, the positive feedback member needs, while also vigorously publicize and implement the 'views' of the spirit to help promote the "refractories industry standard conditions (2014 version)," and "refractory the implementation of industry standards bulletin management approach "; adhere to good industry production run monitoring, analysis and export trade risk early warning, maintaining the safe operation of production and business sectors; adhere to promote technological innovation and improve the quality and efficiency of development of the industry.

  Provinces (municipalities) local associations responsible for the exchange of industry transformation and upgrading, eliminate backward production capacity of work. Delegates to the work of the Association over the past year and fully affirmed. In discussing the 2016 program of work in the process, we put forward many opinions and suggestions. Association listened carefully to the views and suggestions of all the delegates, and strive to work in the next year will do better and better service for all member companies.

  14 evening, the Secretariat of the Association participated in the enlarged meeting of all the representatives and Xiaoyi municipal leaders and local business representatives held a discussion Refractories. College professor temperature Zhouning Sheng Henan University of Science and Technology, and Zhejiang Mastery refractory Wang Linjun chief engineer Zhao Yi, deputy general manager were standing on refractory industry trends in the current situation, the aluminosilicate refractory materials development and application of corporate brand building to do a special report, and combine the advantages of the status quo Xiaoyi local resources and the development of enterprises expressed their views, suggestions.

  Secretariat of the Association enlarged meeting a success. The meeting has been the strong support of the city of Xiaoyi aluminum industry associations, and ZTE, Yoshitatsu, the King and other units.

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