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Thoughts on the Development Thirteen Five "during the refractory industry-related issues

Number of visits: Date:2016-03-17

The third is to strengthen the process of transformation to adapt to the production and upgrade the quality of product variety of needs

Scientific and reasonable production process is one of the prerequisites to ensure product quality and stability, reasonable and refine the process to achieve fine management in order to effectively ensure the improvement of product quality and stability, in order to produce first-class products. Thus, the transformation unreasonable or imperfect extensive production technology is one of the key "Thirteen Five" during the task. Meanwhile, in the downstream industry to meet the current needs of the situation, we must focus on the future, in product development and effectively to produce a generation of reserve generation, research and development generation. "Thirteen Five" period, in order to promote the technological innovation and equipment upgrading of product structure optimization and upgrading of industrial structure Refractories for downstream industries and technological progress, product upgrades provide "first-class" refractory products.

Fourth, to create a "first-class" environment. One can not do without specification harmonious market environment, since the reform and opening up, is the first to enter the market of refractories industry healthy development. 1980s private enterprises have sprung up everywhere, the early 1990s, the disorderly competition among enterprises, the demand side of lower prices and unwarranted payment default has been a common phenomenon Refractories market, combined with refractory small business investment, relatively low threshold leads to production enterprises small-scale, multi-family number, resulting in a low concentration of manufacturing industries of the status quo has not been completely resolved.

With the specification of socialist market economy, currently Refractories market is gradually transferred to large competitive enterprises, which gives us further integrate standardize the market order Refractories provides an excellent opportunity. In this regard, in the "Thirteen Five" period, Refractories production enterprises, especially large enterprises to advantage in the market is relatively concentrated conditions through consultation and cooperation between enterprises, a reasonable integration of existing markets, to further standardize the market order, improve quality of management, to create a good market environment, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win effect of integration.

Another major issue is the impact of the operating environment of mutual arrears payment between the upstream and downstream enterprises, but also to expand the spread trend, some manufacturers due to lower corporate payment defaults serious funding strand breaks, forced to stop production, reflecting the strong business seriously polluted business environment. In particular, individual industry, some manufacturers take the little that is in breach of contract law nor the integrity to speak of "down payment point" (drop of 10% to 20% range) mode Shen arrears. He agreed to drop points and pay, do not agree do not pay. In this regard, in addition to the government is to further promote the integrity of the building outside the enterprise, we will actively reflect the demands of the relevant government departments to take measures to stop such acts of bad faith, but also a good business enterprise environment.

In short, the "Thirteen Five" during the refractory industry is facing many uncertainties, but the trend of development of irreversible reductions, survival of the fittest in the new normal, industries and enterprises will face a re-shuffle, challenges and opportunities. Therefore, the production enterprises to rational understanding of the new normal, and actively respond to the challenges and seek development opportunities in the challenge and development. Efforts to achieve the strategic goal of turning great power Refractories Refractories power.

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