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Chinese refractories network improvement business services, information technology development help

Number of visits: Date:2016-03-17

  Benefit from continued drive national macro-control, China's refractory industry a significant increase in market demand, at the same time, market efficiency and sustainable growth increasingly prominent position in the market, so that our refractories industry has grown to boost economic growth a strong force, the market prospects are very uncertain.

  However, the growing information technology market trends put forward for the development of China's refractory industry new test, in this situation, high economic growth model of refractory industry will be how to continue? Structure Innovation and fit the needs of the target market, the become the urgent needs of refractories enterprises. China Refractory Network as a domestic refractories companies break through the geographical limitations, to achieve an important hub for innovation and sustainable development, set portfolio, quotes library, business library, specialized information and other information and integrated modules; refractories industry professionals as our business platform , Chinese refractories refractory industry network will also be an important support network development, innovation and development for the industry as a whole provides a healthy platform.

  In the process of China's refractory industry network development, the Chinese network will refractories market and the depth of integration of information technology, committed to the refractory industry of further development of the network, in order to create high-growth industries of the economy.

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