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  China Refractory Network is committed to the domestic refractory industry, large-scale e-commerce platform common development of enterprises; domestic refractories within the field, set the supply and demand information, industry information, product pricing, recruitment and other specialized modules and integrated portal.

  Professional technical team and highly skilled researchers are resources website development, integrated supply model is refractory products market advantages of website development, Chinese refractories net to reduce both supply and demand-based distance lay for domestic refractories industry, the overall development of enterprises to create a full-featured, rich resources of modern e-commerce platform.

  Chinese refractories network to the entire industry as the focus, by means of Internet technology and the suppliers, the demand side, and many other various core business refractories body integrated by Wed way to seize the opportunity of the strategic adjustment innovation network architecture and business service mechanism for the diversified development of domestic refractories field provides an important base lay.

  In the process of moving our refractory industry in China refractories from net domestic refractory industry development needs, in order to assess the situation and adjust the strategy, continuous improvement and innovation so as to fit the pace of development of the market power of the further development of refractory industry .

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